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About Us

Established in 2007 and based in Luton and London,  Imer Care Solution Ltd is one of the UK’s Recruitment agency. Run by an experienced Manager with many years of experience

Personal Care

Taking the Hassle off Recruitment.

Our Mission

Imer Care Solution Ltd. seeks to be the premier provider of quality, non-abusive care team dedicated to raising and maintaining the self esteem, choice and independence of our service user.

We are dedicated to supporting beyond normal boundaries an environment that promotes the achievement of optimal community health and social welfare. Our Values “Good understanding of our clients business and their requirements so that we can deliver services tailored to their clients and customer’s needs. Our principal values includes but not limited to:”

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Provision of a holistic service that is individual centred, respecting service users’ preferences and wishes
  • To improve the quality of life of those who are affected by mental illness through provision of care and support that takes cognisance of and respect service user’s
  • Working hand in hand with our clients to develop our trained health care professional agency workers to adapt to new and dynamic work environment seamlessly
  • Recruiting highly motivated individuals focussed on personal career growth and development of the service to meet the needs of the client’s service
  • Evaluating and appraising agency workers performance and identifying training or retraining needs to meet current or upcoming regulations
  • Commitment to active listening to the views, instructions and recommendations of relevant industries accrediting agencies and organisations and prompt compliance to current and new industry regulations
  • Provision of reliable, flexible and consistent service of a higher standard
  • Provision of service user’s centred activities that takes account of the views of all agencies including families and or carers
  • Provision of services that respect service user’s confidentiality
  • Excellence in Motion “Our achievement and relevance in the industry and communities we serve during our short existence is testimony of our strong commitments to our core values to deliver the highest possible standard of service to the mutual benefit of all our stakeholders, hence we are:”
  • A leading supplier of agency support workers to all the major mental illness Hospitals in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire
  • First choice for diverse workforce, a key ingredient of providing amicable care in the
  • An Investor in People employer, an accreditation gained through our commitment to staff career development and equal opportunity
  • Our recipients of first-class commendations by two major health care institutions in the communities that we serve.

Our Expert Team

Imer Care offer a professional client focus service by our dedicated and experienced management team. Our service is available 24hrs, 7 days a week including Public Holidays

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Imer Care Solution Ltd.
Marsh Farm Futures,
The Moake
Bedfordshire LU3 3QB

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